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But famously, he started dating his girlfriend when he reached the age of 43. Moreover, Jalen is also the father of a daughter and the question that is on everyone's mind is "Is the mother Jalen's wife or his girlfriend? The two met at the workplace of Jalen, but they are yet to reveal the exact date. Or maybe, he might have tied the knot but has not revealed anything about it to the public.

This is no secret that Jalen Rose and ESPN's “First Take” host Molly Qerim are dating one another. Jalen has not revealed him having tied the knot to anyone and thus, one might assume that he is still a bachelor.

The “Basketball Wives” beauty took to Instagram to show off her party posse, including Fisher, before deleting the snap soon after.

Rose’s shot speaks volumes for what some around the league may be whispering about Fisher’s reputation. has been asked to address his girlfriend’s familiarity with Fisher.

And though Knicks president Phil Jackson said the controversial Govan relationship was not the reason for the firing, it certainly was not a good look for the organization.

Source – Rumors have been circulating that ESPN basketball analyst and former NBA star Jalen Rose is dating his coworker, the host of ESPN’s First Take Molly Qerim.

That was ESPN commentator Jalen Rose’s warning to lovesick gents during Tuesday’s episode of “Mike & Mike,” a not too carefully veiled reference to the growing gossip around the recently axed coach of the Knicks.

The 31-year-old New Haven, Connecticut native was formerly a sports anchor and reporter for the NFL Network and a host of the NFL Network’s weekday morning show, NFL AM, and NFL Fantasy Live.Jalen Rose posted the above picture of the two on Twitter with the caption “I’d hate me too” and Molly Qerim has been posting on Instagram about a mysterious “BAE” who “has the hotel tv loaded with all your favorite movies” (see below).ESPN has rules about employees dating other employees, and “The Worldwide Leader” will not be happy when they see these rumors.The two have a pure and profound love for one another, and the love between them has not been far from the eyes of the public and media. He mentions Molly Qerim, and I have people hitting me up thinking that it’s some sort of diss towards me. Jalen is the father of two beautiful daughters and a step son.Back in 2016, the rap god Eminem devoted about 30 seconds of his rapping about Molly Qerim in a song called "Campaign Speech," where people like President Donald Trump, Robin Thicke, and Colin Kaepernick were also famously involved in the lyrics. Jalen has been open about his life as a father over on social media.The 43-year-old Rose is no stranger to getting a bit flirty at the office, as you may remember a few years back when a hot mic picked up a dinner date conversation between he and Sage Steele (ESPN has done a diligent job of scraping that video from the internet).Guys might want to keep their ladies on a short leash if Derek Fisher is around. She’s educated, talented, and beautiful—a public figure that’s doing a terrific job on a really popular show called Bare in mind, the caption reads "WIFEY, " but when it comes to having tied the knot officially, Jalen has not done such.Molly Qerim has been the permanent host of ESPN’s First Take since the September of this year, and it will not be false to say she’s witnessed her fair share of interesting moments: Stephen A. Smith going hard at Ayesha Curry, Skip Bayless leaving and more.Jalen was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, where he attended Southwestern High School and the University of Michigan.In college he was part of the legendary “Fab Five” where he and his teammates revolutionized the sport of basketball on the court and off by wearing baggy uniform shorts, black socks and black shoes.


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