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But it was last night that they decided to make their red carpet debut.They weren't dating just yet when Allen asked Fedotowsky to appear in as a personal trainer for a New York society couple (Cate Blanchett and Alec Baldwin) who eventually lose all their money because of the husband's crooked business deals."We were friends when she got the call," said Manno, who hosts Fedotowsky still doesn't know why Allen offered her the part."I just wanted to be a fly on the wall," she said about shooting her scene in the Hamptons.

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Before this can happen, The Bachelorette must follow a gradual process of elimination, as her initial 25 bachelors are narrowed down week by week.

So, I actually ended up putting a pair a 99 cent Forever 21 earrings in.” Wow!

But, her day ended up being everything she’d hoped for and more. I'm a newlywed and nauseatingly mushy about my new husband! @Kevin Manno is pretty awesome 😉And I wish I could wear this @alvinavalenta dress from @jlmboutique everyday!

franchises, we decided to take a look back at all of the contestants who came before her season to see how they fared in love and luck.

(Hint: The show's record is even worse than we imagined.) Here's a comprehensive history of every couple to ever be born out of a final rose.


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