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Values (Default: Culture This property sets the culture information associated with the masked text box.

The properties on the masked text box include: Mask: 00/00/0000 Validating Type: Date Time Text Mask Format: Include Literals This is exactly as I have used masked textboxes on previous apps and it worked then, so why not now? private void Form1_Load(object sender, Event Args e) void masked Text Box1_Type Validation Completed(object sender, Type Validation Event Args e) // Hide the tooltip if the user starts typing again before the five-second display limit on the tooltip expires.

This snippet builds on my last snippet regarding User input validation in Visual Studio . Using a Masked Text Box (MTB) works well for a MAC address because the length of the input is always the same: six octets (a.k.a.

bytes) with hexadecimal input (0-9A-F) with or without colon (:) or dash (-) separators.

You can access the predefined mask via the Property Pane: Or directly in the designer: If you need to create you own format, please refer to the following table or go to the Mask Property MSDN Help Page for more details.

An example mask for a US phone number is a follows: (999) 000-0000 In this mask the first three digits are optional and the last seven are required.


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