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Underground dating hemp weed marajuana

For everyone in a healing profession, it’s essential to stay relevant in the ever-evolving wellness landscape.Don’t get left on the sidelines as this exciting transition occurs in our society.With all the attention on cannabis these days, some may overlook the low THC seed and fiber crop varieties commonly known as hemp.In fact, there is a lot of confusion around what hemp is, how it can be used, and what role, if any, hemp can play in our local Humboldt scene. All this Information has been suppressed from the American Public because entire industries (wood, fuel, clothing, plastics, Big Pharma, etc.) could be threatened. The Marijuana Conspiracy – Dan Hughes / Run From The Cure / When We Grow: This is what we can do (Full Documentary) If you used Hemp, you would never have to cut down another tree for paper, EVER! The seeds alone could produce enough oil and fuel to completely get off OIL in America, COMPLETELY. Just 3 out of a hundred amazing things Hemp can do, not even mentioning the massive medical and cancer healing properties of this one plant.

Peter Facchini, professor of Biological Sciences and Canada Research Chair in Plant Biotechnology, has received a 0,000 NSERC Strategic Project Grant to create new varieties of opium poppy and cannabis that can be used for medicinal and industrial purposes, but will have no value as illicit drugs.It is the same species as the cannabis sativa that you smoke, ingest, or use topically, but it is a different variety.Think of it like different types of corn, like sweet corn and field corn.For profit medical cannabis sales will began January 1, 2018 and all sellers and producers will have to obtain state issued licenses (more info here).This new act, combined with potential legalization in 2016, has sent Northern California into a stir.The world's leading expert on the opium poppy is turning his attention to cannabis working with the producers of medical marijuana in Canada.The research team is trying to find new uses for the much-maligned sources of heroin and marijuana.In local headlines just last week, the day after the State of the Union address, directly above a picture of Obama waving from the podium, you guessed it: weed, cultivation ordinance tension to be specific.In the shadow of MMRSA and in the headlights of legalization, city and county governments have been tasked with facing the proverbial elephant-in-the-room and bringing the cannabis industry into the light.While the science is advancing along with the ground swell of interest and testimonials from consumers, there remains an educational gap among practitioners.Patients nationwide are asking questions about the appropriate use of cannabis, yet most health wellness practitioners are at a loss to provide credible answers. At the Holistic Cannabis Network,™ we provide current, evidence-based cannabis education via an engaging series of learning options.


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