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Recipient update service not updating

The Zemax License Manager is automatically installed with Optic Studio.

If you need to install Zemax License Manager separately, you can find it in the Resource Files section of the Downloads page.

Although meant to fix problems, poorly designed patches can sometimes introduce new problems (see software regressions).

Thus, when users pick recipients when sending messages, they may be sending messages to non-existent recipients or invalid e-mail addresses, which create issues like non-delivery of e-mail.For the storage of static recipient information, some migration scenarios organizations might wish to zap all or parts of that cached information at some point in the process. Depending on your scenario, this may prevent NDR issues or users being instructed to clean those entries themselves at the cost of having them re-enter frequently used e-mail addresses once.Before I get into details on script usage, I will first elaborate a bit on the various caching mechanisms.This list is displayed when the end user types in the first few letters.The potential issue revolves around end users using those lists to send messages, as the list contains cached recipient information.This article outlines how to update the support expiration information on a softkey license and how to move a softkey license from one machine to another.For information on installing a new softkey license, please visit "How to Install the Network License Version of Optic Studio." CONTENTS "Activate, Transfer, or Update a Softkey License On A Machine Without Internet Access." To follow the instructions in this article, you will need the Zemax License Manager installed.In an earlier version of Outlook, this information was stored in local . In Outlook 2010 and up, this information is stored in your mailbox (Auto Complete Stream).Unfortunately, OWA utilizes its own cache mechanism while Outlook stores recipient information in other locations as well, like the ‘Suggested Contacts’ folder for example.This will make it much easier on your family members to file a claim and receive the benefit quickly.You should review your beneficiary information at least once a year to make sure everything is current.


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