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Balancing the everyday routines of life, work, children, finances, and other stresses does not seem to leave much motivation for sexual intimacy.Decreased sexual desire is a problem for a substantial number of women.In New York City, the Special Commissioner of Investigation, Richard Condon, has fielded 995 complaints about “inappropriate relationships” between Department of Education employees and students since April 2009.SCI substantiated 145 of them, the agency revealed Friday.The evolution in education technology is partly to blame. Many inappropriate exchanges occur late at night from bedroom to bedroom.Many of the SCI cases involved Internet or cellphone communication. “It evokes a more emotional and intimate reaction,” Lane said.But none of these factors means that sexual intimacy has to disappear!

A treatment program using vaginal dilators (don't be scared--we call them "miracle tubes" can be helpful.

I'd wait until you feel like friends first and begin by sharing in general terms--too much info too soon can be risky.

QUESTION: "I am in a healthy relationship, but I experience pain having sex. " Wendy: See a doctor and make sure you don't have a nagging infection and that your vaginal walls are in good shape.

” and As for the “insufficient wife”, while I acknowledge that lack of an enthused, sexually active wife, or one who denies sex to her husband, is one of the many reasons why some Muslim men might indulge in illegitimate sexual intimacy, it is neither the only nor the main reason for their infidelity.

Since this category is not within the paradigm of the series, I will briefly summarize this group into two main legitimate marital issues causing infidelity.


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