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Ming dao and chen qiao en dating

CQN & MD fell in love and YSS got really jealous so she became evil esp under the guidance of the 2nd wife of CQN’s dad so she tried to create a lot of misunderstandings between them incl sleeping with MD to stop their nuptials.During this process, CQN also got to know Hai Tian (LJ) who in the beginning played a gambler who has big aspirations.

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Recently traveling to New York City, Joe posted several photos of her trip on the social media website.Most people recognize Ming Dao from Prince turns to Frog.Ming Dao is also a member of the Taiwan band 183 Club, along with 3 other members.On Saturday, Joe posted a photo of a cat with a crab sitting on its head.She included a cryptic message that appeared to address the current gossips.The other female lead, the famed Consort Yu (虞姬), has yet to be cast, but Yu Zheng has revealed that it’s going to be quite a big name.Rumors are floating around that model-actress Lin Chi Ling is interested in the role, which is apt since she has experience already playing the beautiful wife of a powerful general in the movie . I am curious in a morbid way to see what story Yu Zheng is going to rip off next for his mashup idol historical, and how the hell Ming Dao can convince me he is one of the most powerful conquerors in Chinese history.Last week, reports surfaced that Louis Koo (古天樂) had been secretly dating Taiwanese actress Joe Chen (陳喬恩) for the past two years.The two were introduced by a mutual friend and quickly fell in love, even considering marriage.Louis and Joe’s relationship turned sour recently when Louis’s friend Sandra Ng (吳君如) publicly revealed that she had tried to set up Louis with Taiwanese actress Michelle Chen (陳妍希).Joe was angry that she was kept in the dark about their meal dates, and reportedly flew to the United States to mend her broken heart.


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