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Although Hume died when the American Revolution was barely underway, his essay “Idea of a Perfect Commonwealth” greatly affected the ideas of the drafters of the federal Constitution in 1787.Most famously, James Madison contemplated Hume’s proposals...Alex's best friend Harper (Jennifer Stone) also found out about the Russos' wizard powers in season 2.The siblings have to keep their secret safe while living in the mortal world.Alex Russo (Selena Gomez) and Justin Russo (David Henrie) are the only characters to appear in every episode of the series.Alexandra Margarita Russo (Selena Gomez) is the only female out of the three Russo siblings, and the middle child.The railroad, which ran from Weldon, North Carolina, was a major supply line for General...Samantha Smith, the 13-year-old “ambassador” to the Soviet Union, dies in a plane crash.

Harper used to have a crush on Justin, but now is in love with Justin's best friend, Zeke, who finds out about the Russo's wizard powers in season 4.Scot was born somewhere in the border regions of Scotland or northern England.It has been claimed that he studied first at the cathedral school of Durham and then at Oxford and Paris, devoting himself to philosophy, mathematics, and astrology.This is the first season of the series to be broadcast in high-definition.The opening sequence is the same as it was for the previous seasons. (Left to right) David Henrie as Justin Russo, Jake T.Austin as Max Russo, Jennifer Stone as Harper Finkle, Selena Gomez as Alex Russo, David De Luise as Jerry Russo and Maria Canals Barrera as Theresa Russo.The characters in the opening sequence still remain in Standard Definition, only the background being converted to high definition.The sequence begins with Alex (Selena Gomez) waking up in the morning with her alarm clock buzzing off. She then goes into the bathroom where Justin (David Henrie) is observing himself in the mirror where Alex pushes him to the side.– The following is the list of characters of Disney Channel original series Wizards of Waverly Place.The series centers on the fictional characters of the Russo family, which includes Alex (Selena Gomez), her older brother Justin (David Henrie) and their younger brother Max (Jake T. The three Russo siblings are wizards in training and live with their Italian-American father Jerry (David De Luise), a former wizard, and their Mexican-American mother, Theresa (Maria Canals Barrera) who is a mortal.


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