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If there is one reason as to why we as Druze are being easily targeted on such level - why our deep spiritual affairs became the joke of the Lebanese Parliament, it would have to be our unforgivable Silence which has always been used against us on all levels, starting from our own Druze politicians who have somehow invested in our special situation, making of our youth's spiritual ignorance a recipe for blind and unconditional allegiance to their parties.

For more than a decade now, Druzenet, under Sheikh Ghaith's close guidance and sponsorship, reflected his spirit of religious pride and integrity.

They make up roughly 2% of the country’s population and most live in the northern regions of the Galilee, Carmel and the Golan Heights.

Here are five facts about Druze in Israel: Nine-in-ten Israeli Druze say they have a strong sense of belonging to the Druze community and about the same number (93%) say they are proud to be Druze.

Israeli Druze wave their community’s flags during a demonstration on June 14, 2015, in reaction to a shoot-out in northwest Idlib province in Syria that killed members of the Druze minority.

(Photo credit: Jalaa Marey/AFP/Getty Images) Like a number of other ethnic groups in the Middle East, such as the Kurds, the Druze live in several different countries, separated by borders drawn after the breakup of the Ottoman Empire in the early 1920s.

We should call a spade a spade, especially me since I’m not a Jew, although I’m in some ways the most Jewish and the most Israeli and the most Zionist of all. The truth will always be revealed in the end.” Kara may be referring to his ministerial ambitions and the attempts of others to stymie them.

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Their tradition dates back to the 11th century and incorporates elements of Islam, Hinduism and even classical Greek philosophy.

Druzenet is a noncommercial website that was launched in 1996 under the sponsorship of the incomparable person of His Imminence Sheikh Bahjat Ghaith.

Sheikh Ghaith valiantly carried the flame of Mashiakhat El-Aql (The Highest Spiritual Druze Leadership)for15 years (against all odds and obstacles), and withdrew in 2006 voluntarily from his position crowning a life-long journey of trials, tribulations and sacrifice on all levels for the sake of preserving The Brotherhood and The Oath.

He said that “there was no gag order on the incident, and the incident was old news, and it was done at the request of the family, who sought my help.” GSS sources speaking to the Israeli media this morning claimed he jeopardized the lives of Israelis involved in the as yet undisclosed operation, which seems to have involved rescuing Jews from Moslem countries, a mission which he has helped for years.

When asked why he removed the post, he replied that, “after the order to remove it came, I did as I was asked.” He said, “I come from the military.


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