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Dating safeguard mormon dating across europe

The firm discovered that almost half of people who utilise dating sites and apps to find love have been spammed or scammed.Commenting on the research, Nick Shaw, European head of Symantec’s Norton division said: “When people go online looking for love and affection they may not be as vigilant as they might be elsewhere…they look for the good rather than the bad.” Experts suggested that lack of vigilance concerning online privacy can allow these people to be blackmailed, made the subject of revenge porn attacks and be tricked by assumed fake identities into parting with their cash.Breaking the results of the poll down, we see that 48% of British, German and French respondents have been sent spam and scam messages from other users on dating sites.You should always ask if the site does not make the necessary information available to you.We will only use the information you send to us during your visit for the purposes of internal tracking.

Unless specifically mentioned, we do not use your personal information for any other reason.

New research has revealed that online daters are being regularly spammed and scammed, highlighting the importance of maintaining privacy when using these services to safeguard your online reputation.

According to the BBC, security company Symantec surveyed 3,000 people across Europe on their use of dating sites and apps.

Like it or not, every teenager will want to date at some point and it’s hard to stop them.

After all, you were a teenager once and it’s important to remember that when dealing with your own kids.


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