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Carman licciardello dating

"I guess God put me in a deep sleep like Adam and pulled out a surprise," he wrote. I would have rather woke up next to Eve than a sweaty t-shirt, but the fever was more important at the time (ugh)." In the same post, Carman predicted his cancer would be gone in three weeks.

"That was the last most difficult time I had to come through in this 8 months of treatment," he wrote.

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Less than a year after announcing his diagnosis with myeloma, an incurable form of cancer, Carman Licciardello now says he's cancer-free. "I've had so many harsh things happen to me over the last 12 years, it was almost a situation that made sense," he wrote in his diagnosis announcement.

T., MRI, Bone biopsies ect [sic] and could find NO trace of Cancer," the former CCM star wrote on his Facebook page. We're talking about drilling into your bone to search for a cancer cell and coming up empty." The positive post comes less than a year after Carman, who garnered 10 platinum records before a 12-year hiatus from the Christian music scene, announced his diagnosis—and just in time for him to begin a major April tour prompted by fan response.

This past week, Gospel Singer Carman found out the hard way that Christians might can't judge a man's heart but we sure can judge his fruits.

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"I can't even lift my head up, and the wheelchair me everywhere.

Oh well, at least I got the record finished." But the fever broke, and Carman credited God.

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