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It marks his dramatic debut, and the piece has been carefully guided on its path, from its earliest stages, by Greenberg. “It’s about what happens when a single 40-year-old style writer for the is offended by his recently-widowed 80-year-old father’s decision to start dating soon after his wife’s passing.” “The son—David—insists on vetting Sol’s online dating service picks, and in the process the two learn about each other and themselves.

Most of all, it’s about the fact that falling in love is a choice.” Greenberg has worked closely with Capital Repertory Theatre Producing artistic director Maggie Mancinelli-Cahill on the development of in the swinging 1960s.

“Creating new work at the REP is what keeps us strong,” says Mancinelli-Cahill.

“We are committed to bringing new voices and new ideas to the greater theatre world, and Gordon is, without doubt, one of our primary partners in reaching that goal.

No, really, says Brian Howie, host of “The Great Love Debate.” Starting Wednesday, Howie is brashly — some would say madly — staging 14 events in Minneapolis where each night, ideally, 100 single men on one side of the aisle will get real and honest with 100 single women on the other side.

The goal: hammering out, face to face, this thing called romance and how to get it, featuring a panel of local relationship experts and media personalities to guide the audience through Q’s and A’s about what they’re looking for in a partner and dissolving misconceptions about the opposite sex.

“There’s a hopefulness here compared to places like Boston or L. Women look for red flags, men look for green lights.

However, this course is from Jason Capital (he’s known as “America’s Honest Dating Coach”) who is famous for being a dating coach, and for his dating guide “Make Women Want You”…

Our relationship is still young but I already believe in my heart that she is the perfect companion that I have been seeking my whole life.

So thank you, for bringing Kristie into my life despite my initial misgivings.

It is always an honor and a thrill to have him with us at the REP.” Greenberg was drawn to Morris’ book, which began its stage life as a one-man show, not just because the author “had a great story to tell,” but because he also has “a unique sense of humor and sensibility.

We just couldn’t wait to unpack Bob’s true tale in a theatrical way that would highlight the comedy, the craft and the humanity.” “Bob,” Greenberg says, “is one of the funniest, most quintessentially New York people I know. And the comic foils of Cheryl Stern and Max Wolkowitz play a wild panorama of potential dates, from aging hoofers and “a Jewish Dolly Parton” to vegans and dog-loving downtown men.


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