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Our team started climbing before first light this morning, summiting at about a.m.

to see Boquete laid out in the densely wooded, cup-shaped valley below like some fairy tale village straight out of Grimm’s.

This documentary is fascinating and provocative in that one of the two main participants is the daughter of a famous Nazi.

We see her wrestling with the guilt that was part of her inheritance and the grief of having had to come to terms with who her father really was. Monika listened but she knew there was no way she could make everything right.

From 1951 to 2000 the population increased from 10.0 to 15.9 million people, increasing by a smaller proportion. If only the land area of the provinces, 33,718 km², is counted, 500 inhabitants/km² were reached in the first half of 2014 or possibly in the last few days of 2013.

Bangladesh and South Korea are larger and more densely populated (hence have a larger population), and only Taiwan is smaller and has a larger population (hence a larger population density).

At the Wednesday January 21st meeting of the Holy Trinity Utrecht Chaplaincy Church Council members present (one absent) voted unanimously in favour of the proposal to establish a new church plant in the neighbouring city of Amersfoort.The stretch of trail running from Boquete up to the peak is known as the Pianista, and it’s at least nominally maintained by Panama’s national park service.The Ngobe-cut pass we’re on now, however, is nameless and unmarked.From here the trail we’re following drops into a series of steep step-downs, a rugged mix of stony riverbeds and cattle traces that are off limits to tourists without a licensed guide.The far-flung, rainforest track is used chiefly by local ranchers and the region’s population of shy indigenous people known as the Ngobe.Two years ago Utrecht chaplaincy began to seriously consider expanding its ministry and has since included more services, which has again increased average Sunday attendance.But we are also limited in Utrecht by our church building size.There are 21 more countries (12 independent ones and 9 dependent territories) with a larger population density, but they all have a smaller population (hence a smaller area).If the water area is not counted then Taiwan is larger, and there are 16 more countries (9 independent ones and 7 dependent territories) with a larger population density.Worship in spirit and in truth, prayer for our nation, personal prayer and everything else the Holy Spirit wants to do. An evening in cooperation with Living Water Revival Ministries.Worship in spirit and in truth, prayer for our nation, personal prayer and everything else the Holy Spirit wants to do.


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